Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hair Hair Everywhere

foil time=tabloid time

I have had every hair color: light blonde, dark blonde, brown, black, red. I have had feathers in my hair (remember that silly trend?). My hair has been bobbed, chopped off totally into a pixie, medium length, somewhat long, and even mulleted in a terrible incident in college.

I admire people with untouched hair that has never seen a bottle of dye. Their hair is much healthier than mine. Dry ends and fragility are the hallmarks of often altered tresses and I have spent a fortune on deep conditioners (Aussie 3 Minute Miracle remains a cheap perennial favorite). Plus, touch ups are a bitch on the wallet.

So my hair gets a little stressed. Sometimes I need to get some cut off to combat this. However...I doubt those virgin hair people have as much fun as I do.

When I change my hair, I feel like a whole new person. It is exhilarating. As a blonde, I feel fun. Red hair makes me feel mysterious. Brown and black hair makes me feel like I get taken more seriously.

Of course, hair color and cut does not actually equal real personality change. Obviously, I am still the same person and no one besides me really cares all that much.

I think that frequent hair changes are my adult expression of my childhood love of dress up. I loved playing dress up and slipping into another character for a while. Dress up was an integral part of my childhood play. My sisters and friends and I had some awesome pieces: a one shouldered pink sequined prom dress, a purple Oscar de la Renta full length skirt with a black velvet waist, pink jellies, long Little House on the Prairie type skirts. It was so much fun to throw on an 80s velvet and gold spangled gown and become a secret princess.

Now, I don't dress up as a princess, or Laura Ingalls, or a fantastic movie star, or a put upon Cinderella type (my dramatics have deep roots, apparently). Now I get to feel a little like Zooey Deschanel (my girl crush on her shows no signs of abating), Florence Welch, or Goldie Hawn in the 70s (love her bangs). It's silly and fun and one of those little joys that combats those life yuckies like Sallie Mae (I hate you forever), car insurance payments, winter, and real housewives.

So cheers to a new look for a new year and the continued celebration of playing dress up.

The new do


  1. I think it looks nice! both of them. -- L

  2. I like your hair. It's crazy. Sexy. And cool. Much like the tlc album. Have you ever heard any tracks off it