Monday, January 14, 2013


I refuse to leave this carpet for the next 5 months.

Some days you get knocked out by life. Those days, you think to yourself,"If I had known about today, I would have refused to get out of bed." Then you think, "Ah, yes, bed. When can I return to You?" You wonder if you could just hole up in your house for the next 2 or 15 years or so until you can just bear to face life again.

This is a day for a sulk. I am not a proponent of always sinking into sorrow with every setback. I employ a multitude of coping techniques for stress/blues/yadda yadda like running, going outside for a walk, cleaning out a closet, ironing everything slightly wrinkly, cooking and baking, playing with my dogs, doing DIY house projects, etc. these are the things that work for me to diffuse and distract.

Nope, won't move.

Sometimes, however, you just need a good wallow. You don't want to move around like an efficient chipmunk. You especially don't want any jerk telling you that other people "have it worse" (I know they do-are you trying to add guilt on top of all these other poop emotions?).

What you want is to totally sulk. You want to sit on the couch in your robe or pajamas, cover yourself in blankets, and mind zone to a tv show that requires very little from you (my choice right now is old episodes of Frasier). Then, you want to warm up some dinner (no cooking. I was glad that a previous stress rush made me freeze a bunch of prepared meals).

Maybe you can get someone to come over and rub your back. Maybe that someone is your cat, dog, or a really soft afghan blanket.

You can't make me.

Feel free to listen to music that makes you sad. For tonight, I chose "Change Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke, "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" by Bessie Smith, and "Look At Me" by John Lennon. But your sad songs will probably be different. Karen Carpenter always makes me cry too...even the happy songs.

Choose a comforting movie with a good sob scene. I didn't have time for it tonight, but I always go for "Little Women." Oh my god, when Beth is just totally beyond what is acceptable. Don't even let me look at the cover of "P.S. I Love You." I cried from minute 2 until the next week with that one. When I was seven "Showboat" had the same effect (my weeping kind of frightened my grandmother).

Maybe have a bowl of raspberry sorbet with Hershey's syrup. Lay on the floor. Stare at the ceiling for a while.

Congrats, you now have had a good solid sulk. You took the time to swim around in your grump and grumble. You have given your brain the chance to process the crap that was your day.

Now go to sleep. Tomorrow will probably be better. Probably. Hopefully. Maybe

Anyway-I still have 11 seasons of Frasier to fall back on.

Fine. I will go to bed. Tomorrow should be better. 

Post Note: Tomorrow held a cold...

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  1. Well said,Maggie.
    A good sulk, properly executed is very restorative and usually unavoidable. A down comforter, solitude, rereading "All The Places to Love", the children's book by Patricia MacLachlan and Irish Whiskey in tea with citrus ( caution:if sipped straight, Irish Whiskey may lead straight from sulk to maudlin--not a good thing).xoxoxo