Saturday, September 29, 2012


There is no day of the week that I love more than Saturday. Saturday is for fun shopping, reading, and generally avoiding deliberately productive activities. I do not do work on Saturdays. I might clean and tidy, but no work related activities are allowed.

Even in college, I had a strict no homework rule for Saturdays. I flat out refused to go to the library, the tech center, the fireplace area below the commons, or any other study location. Nope, I would traipse around the nice neighborhoods, chow down at yummy restaurants (cheap ones), go walk the dogs at the humane shelter (Warning: dog walking may lead to dog adoption), or go shopping for Urban Outfitter seconds at a grungy but awesome store called Gabriel Brothers.

This is what happens when you volunteer to walk dogs: You adopt a 14 year old mutt with dental problems. He was wonderful...but smelly. Miss you, Tyson!

Now that college (and grad school) are over, my Saturdays look a little different.

Actually, that's a lie. I think the only difference now is that I have red hair. That's a lie too. At one point in college, my hair was red. I guess I still like the same kind of Saturday.

Traipsing around: 

Having fun

On bike rides.

Chowing down:
He'll have the bbq burger.

I will have the southwest burger.

And, of course, dogs:

Why do I always have to fold all the laundry!

And what about shopping for bargains, you may ask? Well, that is a post for another day because now I need to go enjoy my Saturday.

Monday, September 17, 2012

This Is Why I Love Thrifting

When Holly Golightly gets the "mad reds" she pops over to Tiffany's for some retail therapy. I don't have this kind of budget (although, neither did she) and there are no glam stores like that where I live, so I go thrifting. While I'm not quite ready to totally break up with the mall, I am very dedicated to thrifting. I hope to be doing many more posts on thrift store shopping on this blog-I truly love it! 

Here are my latest thrifting thrills:

For my momma
I don't just thrift for myself. Both my mom and my sister hate hate hate shopping, so I always keep an eye out for them. This is really fun because we all have different styles and body shapes. I feel like Stacy and Clinton when I snag items and outfits for my other family members: I have to remember their coloring, lifestyle, and best fit. It is challenging and very rewarding. Here is a fall/winter outfit I picked out for my mom. I would love to see it with heels or boots and a fun, colorful necklace. The nubby trim adds a lively touch. The skirt is from Old Navy ($1), the silky tank is from Talbots ($4), and the jacket is also from Talbots ($5).

for my sister

My younger sister has a narrow waist and long legs, so this A-line skirt style looks awesome on her. It also is really flattering in the *ahem* tushkin area. The shirt has a higher neckline and little ruffle details in the front. This kind of thing wouldn't work on me-adds way too much bulk to an area that has enough. On her, however, it is lovely. These items are really pretty, but not in my size or a style that looks great on me. I was glad to find them the right person. I would love to see her wear this with a cardigan and flats or even a fitted denim jacket and boots. The shirt is from the Gap ($1) and the skirt is a brand I don't recognize ($1). 

But let's not forget me (I'm no thrifting saint, after all)...

Remember that Target Missoni line? Yeah, the one that everyone freaked out about? I remember it-ruefully. I hesitated for 30 seconds and the entire stock sold out. I didn't really want to spend $40 on a cardigan (I'm cheap, remember?), but I did regret missing out on the fabulous Italian look. Well, I don't have to regret it anymore. It is mine for the sweet tune of $4. Victory!

Mine! Mine! Mine! Muahaha!

And as if I wasn't lucky enough, I found this clock:

Tick Tock
It is so cute and retro-fabulous (my sister forbid me from using this word, but I defy her with glee) and only $1.50. 

So yes, thrifting is wonderful. I find special treasures for a dime and truly relish the process. Just remember: don't keep all the awesomeness to yourself! Share the glory and the finds. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Very Important Things

Of all the very important things that filled my day, the following are the most significant:

Felt Cell Phone Case - Strawberry PopTart
This a cell-phone case found here. Don't eat it, dummy. 
1. My apartment is downwind from a Kellogg factory. Pop-Tarts are American-made. I know this, because on baking day the sweet smell infuses the air for a five mile radius. It. Is. Amazing. Pop-Tarts are kind of gross in real life and they give me a heart-stopping sugar rush. I'm not a patron of the blue box. However, when you catch a whiff of strawberry and frosting on the breeze, it is pretty delicious. I don't like to eat Pop-Tarts, but if you do, you know you are supporting a home grown company (without having to buy a Ford or an even more expensive weird jumper/harem/body suit piece of clothing from American Apparel).

2. Goldendoodles are the best creature on the planet-this category includes all humans. (Sorry cats, but you lose because you can't fly).

Yes, those pictures were gratuitous. But that's what the best things in life are to me-hilarious, silly, and a little unnecessary. Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Food Files: Slow Cooker

It was suggested to me by a smart lady that I should try a slow cooker. I have heard that this is basically the laziest cooking option available-you literally throw junk in a pot and ignore it all day. As one who gets grumbly in the kitchen, this is a fabulous option for me. I need food waiting when I get home from work. Some people can go a long stretch without eating or chow down on a cup of soup or bowl of cereal and call it a meal. I am not one of those people. I go from okay, to a little hungry, to a screaming, crying, shaking, absolute mess in about fifteen minutes. My special dude (this moniker is the closest male alternative that I could get to "special lady friend," which is what he calls me [Big Lebowski reference here]) knows to tread softly when I start complaining of hunger. On more than one occasion, he has asked me to please eat something dammit before daring to come over. I know I come by this honestly. My mom used to carry snacks around for my dad and my sister basically faints if she has less than three meals a day. Therefore-flourish of trumpets-solution:

Inadvertent outfit post: Sweater (Marc Jacobs-thrifted), Tank (J. Crew-outlet), Shorts (thrifted and hacked by moi), Shoes (Toms). You can't see it here, but I am wearing a gold pretzel necklace. Aren't you jealous?

Porch Makeover (Don't Worry, It Wasn't Too Extreme)

Whooo couldn't love these guys? Made in 1970.
I love kitsch. I'm not afraid to admit it. I love zig-zag, polka dot, and floral prints, animal figurines, a full spectrum of color, and anything that is slightly 50s-70s or Danish Modern. Though my tastes sometimes make others shudder (Dad, I'm lookin' at you here), I will not give up my tacky fun. Kitsch is great. It's what I love now. Luckily, it is so easily and affordably accessible, that should I change my decorating tastes in a couple years, I won't feel bad donating my collection to the Goodwill (from whence it came).

Obviously, I was thrilled when I saw the bright green AstroTurf of my new porch. Some might cringe, but I decided to embrace it and turn ugly into quirk. The flooring reminds me of my Grandma; I can just imagine her sitting out there back when she was younger, smoking a cigarette and drinking a Tom Collins (sweet, honey, make mine sweet).

To embrace the last of summer and Polynesian influences, I went with a kind of tiki tropical theme, inspired by this post from Oh So Lovely Vintage.  The porch was boring to start:
Blah Blah
old tavern chairs from grandma
Priscilla the plant stands slouches alone.
So! I added some paper lanterns, a big globe light (Ikea), a string of multicolor lights (my sister), a tropical tablecloth (swiped from home), a great rug from Target ($20!), and other silly little details.

Fuzzy pic-sorry.
The spectral image is my Ikea light. Darn, I am bad at taking photos!
Priscilla has such bad posture.
Priscilla only drinks fancy water.
Who needs Bose? I got my own speaker system (this really works).
Ugly Target table from college gets new life!
Oh yes, those are Tiki napkins (50% off at Big Lots). My favorite libation, Fresca.
Omg. I love this Florida tourist bowl (Salvation Army).
Festive! Pretty!

But what would a fun outdoor space be without good friends to share it with?

This was entirely posed. These people are not my friends. They are paid union actors.
Stop taking pictures, Maggie.
This is my ukulele. You should hear me play Lady Gaga on it.  

A fun project! Only took me about an hour and a half to make the whole transition. I have been hanging out there-playing music, reading, drinking Fresca-ever since.

This fall, I am going to transition it to a place to hang with a little space heater, nubby blankets, and pretty autumnal decorations.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Food Files: Oh, No Curry

I like Indian curry. This is a more recent development. Some bad curry put me off the stuff entirely for many years. However, this summer I ate at an excellent Indian restaurant and had the advice of experts on what to order. After that meal, my mind was changed on the subject of curry.

A couple weeks ago on Pinterest, I saw a recipe for cauliflower curry over rice. Mmmm, I thought. I like cauliflower and I like curry. I also like not having to cook meat, so I decided to give it a go.

Here are my two conclusions after making the dish this morning:

1. Curry powder does not make for good curry. In comparison to what I have eaten in restaurants, my curry was just meh. Nothing special. I will be buying the jarred stuff in the future as it has a better flavor than simple curry powder. I don't want to get super involved in making my own, which is what I think would be required to produce a really savory dish. Canned it is!

2. Curry cooking in a little apartment. Oh. My. God. This place has stunk to high heaven all day. I tried air freshener. I put on the exhaust fan for 6 hours. I opened my door to the outside. I finally had to light 10 scented candles. So now my apartment smells like a church at Easter...and an Indian restaurant.

I may have to move out.

I will not be making this mistake again.