Saturday, September 8, 2012

Food Files: Slow Cooker

It was suggested to me by a smart lady that I should try a slow cooker. I have heard that this is basically the laziest cooking option available-you literally throw junk in a pot and ignore it all day. As one who gets grumbly in the kitchen, this is a fabulous option for me. I need food waiting when I get home from work. Some people can go a long stretch without eating or chow down on a cup of soup or bowl of cereal and call it a meal. I am not one of those people. I go from okay, to a little hungry, to a screaming, crying, shaking, absolute mess in about fifteen minutes. My special dude (this moniker is the closest male alternative that I could get to "special lady friend," which is what he calls me [Big Lebowski reference here]) knows to tread softly when I start complaining of hunger. On more than one occasion, he has asked me to please eat something dammit before daring to come over. I know I come by this honestly. My mom used to carry snacks around for my dad and my sister basically faints if she has less than three meals a day. Therefore-flourish of trumpets-solution:

Inadvertent outfit post: Sweater (Marc Jacobs-thrifted), Tank (J. Crew-outlet), Shorts (thrifted and hacked by moi), Shoes (Toms). You can't see it here, but I am wearing a gold pretzel necklace. Aren't you jealous?


  1. Enjoy your slow cooker! They are awesome--you come home and it smells like someone has been cooking for you all day. :)

  2. PS: If you do the chicken, it's one of the few things that can't cook indefinitely--after it's simmered for 45 minutes or an hour (depending on the water/chicken ratio), the chicken can get dry.

    You have such exciting slow-cooker times ahead of you! Soups, stews, chilis . . . I recently baked artisanal wheat bread in mine and it came out well, just needing another 5 minutes under the broiler for a crisp crust. You can cook pretty much any whole chunk of meat in there (along with potatoes and carrots, or sweet potatoes and apples, or whatever), and if there's fat on it that you want to drain, set the meat on top of thick slices of onions and the fat will drain down to the bottom. (I know this is revealing a freakish level of enthusiasm for the slow-cooker here.)

    1. I tried a white bean chili recipe and it wasn't super awesome. I'm totally blaming it on the faulty recipe, not my mad skillz or the quality of the cooking process.

      I LOVE the tip for draining fat. That is so cool! This is definitely on my list-with fall comes my desire for pot roast.

      Thank you!