Monday, September 17, 2012

This Is Why I Love Thrifting

When Holly Golightly gets the "mad reds" she pops over to Tiffany's for some retail therapy. I don't have this kind of budget (although, neither did she) and there are no glam stores like that where I live, so I go thrifting. While I'm not quite ready to totally break up with the mall, I am very dedicated to thrifting. I hope to be doing many more posts on thrift store shopping on this blog-I truly love it! 

Here are my latest thrifting thrills:

For my momma
I don't just thrift for myself. Both my mom and my sister hate hate hate shopping, so I always keep an eye out for them. This is really fun because we all have different styles and body shapes. I feel like Stacy and Clinton when I snag items and outfits for my other family members: I have to remember their coloring, lifestyle, and best fit. It is challenging and very rewarding. Here is a fall/winter outfit I picked out for my mom. I would love to see it with heels or boots and a fun, colorful necklace. The nubby trim adds a lively touch. The skirt is from Old Navy ($1), the silky tank is from Talbots ($4), and the jacket is also from Talbots ($5).

for my sister

My younger sister has a narrow waist and long legs, so this A-line skirt style looks awesome on her. It also is really flattering in the *ahem* tushkin area. The shirt has a higher neckline and little ruffle details in the front. This kind of thing wouldn't work on me-adds way too much bulk to an area that has enough. On her, however, it is lovely. These items are really pretty, but not in my size or a style that looks great on me. I was glad to find them the right person. I would love to see her wear this with a cardigan and flats or even a fitted denim jacket and boots. The shirt is from the Gap ($1) and the skirt is a brand I don't recognize ($1). 

But let's not forget me (I'm no thrifting saint, after all)...

Remember that Target Missoni line? Yeah, the one that everyone freaked out about? I remember it-ruefully. I hesitated for 30 seconds and the entire stock sold out. I didn't really want to spend $40 on a cardigan (I'm cheap, remember?), but I did regret missing out on the fabulous Italian look. Well, I don't have to regret it anymore. It is mine for the sweet tune of $4. Victory!

Mine! Mine! Mine! Muahaha!

And as if I wasn't lucky enough, I found this clock:

Tick Tock
It is so cute and retro-fabulous (my sister forbid me from using this word, but I defy her with glee) and only $1.50. 

So yes, thrifting is wonderful. I find special treasures for a dime and truly relish the process. Just remember: don't keep all the awesomeness to yourself! Share the glory and the finds. 


  1. Who else hates HATES shopping ? Dad

    1. Okay, okay! I will look for you too, old man! :)

  2. Maggie, WHERE do you go thrifting?? I've never gotten into it, but if I knew of some good places to go....

    1. In response to your question...ahem, ahem. Check out my latest post. Thanks for the inspiration!