Saturday, September 29, 2012


There is no day of the week that I love more than Saturday. Saturday is for fun shopping, reading, and generally avoiding deliberately productive activities. I do not do work on Saturdays. I might clean and tidy, but no work related activities are allowed.

Even in college, I had a strict no homework rule for Saturdays. I flat out refused to go to the library, the tech center, the fireplace area below the commons, or any other study location. Nope, I would traipse around the nice neighborhoods, chow down at yummy restaurants (cheap ones), go walk the dogs at the humane shelter (Warning: dog walking may lead to dog adoption), or go shopping for Urban Outfitter seconds at a grungy but awesome store called Gabriel Brothers.

This is what happens when you volunteer to walk dogs: You adopt a 14 year old mutt with dental problems. He was wonderful...but smelly. Miss you, Tyson!

Now that college (and grad school) are over, my Saturdays look a little different.

Actually, that's a lie. I think the only difference now is that I have red hair. That's a lie too. At one point in college, my hair was red. I guess I still like the same kind of Saturday.

Traipsing around: 

Having fun

On bike rides.

Chowing down:
He'll have the bbq burger.

I will have the southwest burger.

And, of course, dogs:

Why do I always have to fold all the laundry!

And what about shopping for bargains, you may ask? Well, that is a post for another day because now I need to go enjoy my Saturday.


  1. Tyson truly enjoyed his dotage here on the farm. In spite of stiff competition, he did win the "fetid odor" competition.
    I do miss that dog, especially on cool mornings, his favorite.

    1. Me too. He was a good one. I don't miss his stink.