Saturday, September 8, 2012

Porch Makeover (Don't Worry, It Wasn't Too Extreme)

Whooo couldn't love these guys? Made in 1970.
I love kitsch. I'm not afraid to admit it. I love zig-zag, polka dot, and floral prints, animal figurines, a full spectrum of color, and anything that is slightly 50s-70s or Danish Modern. Though my tastes sometimes make others shudder (Dad, I'm lookin' at you here), I will not give up my tacky fun. Kitsch is great. It's what I love now. Luckily, it is so easily and affordably accessible, that should I change my decorating tastes in a couple years, I won't feel bad donating my collection to the Goodwill (from whence it came).

Obviously, I was thrilled when I saw the bright green AstroTurf of my new porch. Some might cringe, but I decided to embrace it and turn ugly into quirk. The flooring reminds me of my Grandma; I can just imagine her sitting out there back when she was younger, smoking a cigarette and drinking a Tom Collins (sweet, honey, make mine sweet).

To embrace the last of summer and Polynesian influences, I went with a kind of tiki tropical theme, inspired by this post from Oh So Lovely Vintage.  The porch was boring to start:
Blah Blah
old tavern chairs from grandma
Priscilla the plant stands slouches alone.
So! I added some paper lanterns, a big globe light (Ikea), a string of multicolor lights (my sister), a tropical tablecloth (swiped from home), a great rug from Target ($20!), and other silly little details.

Fuzzy pic-sorry.
The spectral image is my Ikea light. Darn, I am bad at taking photos!
Priscilla has such bad posture.
Priscilla only drinks fancy water.
Who needs Bose? I got my own speaker system (this really works).
Ugly Target table from college gets new life!
Oh yes, those are Tiki napkins (50% off at Big Lots). My favorite libation, Fresca.
Omg. I love this Florida tourist bowl (Salvation Army).
Festive! Pretty!

But what would a fun outdoor space be without good friends to share it with?

This was entirely posed. These people are not my friends. They are paid union actors.
Stop taking pictures, Maggie.
This is my ukulele. You should hear me play Lady Gaga on it.  

A fun project! Only took me about an hour and a half to make the whole transition. I have been hanging out there-playing music, reading, drinking Fresca-ever since.

This fall, I am going to transition it to a place to hang with a little space heater, nubby blankets, and pretty autumnal decorations.

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