Monday, September 10, 2012

Very Important Things

Of all the very important things that filled my day, the following are the most significant:

Felt Cell Phone Case - Strawberry PopTart
This a cell-phone case found here. Don't eat it, dummy. 
1. My apartment is downwind from a Kellogg factory. Pop-Tarts are American-made. I know this, because on baking day the sweet smell infuses the air for a five mile radius. It. Is. Amazing. Pop-Tarts are kind of gross in real life and they give me a heart-stopping sugar rush. I'm not a patron of the blue box. However, when you catch a whiff of strawberry and frosting on the breeze, it is pretty delicious. I don't like to eat Pop-Tarts, but if you do, you know you are supporting a home grown company (without having to buy a Ford or an even more expensive weird jumper/harem/body suit piece of clothing from American Apparel).

2. Goldendoodles are the best creature on the planet-this category includes all humans. (Sorry cats, but you lose because you can't fly).

Yes, those pictures were gratuitous. But that's what the best things in life are to me-hilarious, silly, and a little unnecessary. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. If god had wanted doodles to fly they would have passports!