Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Brief Note

I made up my couch (a very comfortable one, I might add) for a chatty sleepover with the bride.
Tomorrow at a very, very early hour I am traveling to start the training process for my new job. I am very excited. I am very nervous.

I am thankful that I had such a wonderful weekend to catch up with old friends before I start this new step.

The bridal shower went well and I will do a post on the details next. The best part was being able to catch up with the bride. I love those kinds of friendships in which you can be separated for years by thousands of miles but still have so, so much to talk about.

Friendships change as you get older and your interests and life situations evolve. Friendships also take more effort. Instead of just always having people around to go eat dinner, study, or hang like in college, now you have to make a call, send an email, and make hard and fast plans to have lunch, go for a walk, or peruse TJ Maxx. It isn't as easy to have a huge group of casual friends.

However, I like this much better. When this time and effort is made, the quality of your relationships also increases. You know that those relationships you maintain are solid and nurturing.

As we get older, we have more control over our friendships. We get to pick those people for our inner circle of friends who help us to grow, share our interests, and make us laugh.

And now I stayed up way beyond my self imposed bedtime. Morning comes soon and with that new day, a huge new part of my life starts. Wish me luck and thank you all so much for your support with my new little blog project.

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  1. As you add spouses, extended families, children, more responsibilities at work and more distance, friendships require even more effort yet the return is just as sweet. It is definitely worth it.XOXOXO