Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bridal Shower

It was a sweet day.

Last weekend, I threw a small bridal shower for my dear friend at my parents' house. As the bride loves the restaurant Alice's Tea Cup in NYC, I decided to go with a tea party theme. Here is the run down of the party:

-fresh picked flowers
-vanilla votive candles
-a table runner with a bunny print (like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland)
-pictures of the bride and groom scattered on the table (I printed them from Instagram so they would have that Polaroid feel)
-school pictures of the bride (not shown here as she would probably kill me)
-an adorable little porcelain bunny found at a thrift store

Table Setting:
A year or so ago, I bought a service for 16 at a thrift store for $25. The dishes are from Macy's and are dishwasher safe. I don't know what possessed me to buy SO MANY dishes. I really liked the pattern, a feminine floral. However, being able to serve 16 people isn't really a common concern for me. It turned out that these dishes came to good use at the party. They were perfectly suited for an afternoon tea. Although, I am not sure where I will store them or when I will possibly need that large a service again!

I made the labels for the food with index cards and colored pencils. 

The fruit salad was brought by another friend of the bride.

Desserts galore!

My sister's fiance frosted the red velvet cupcakes (his dog ate my first batch, so he made a whole new one at midnight the night before the shower). They were a little smudged, but totally delicious.

Molasses Crinkles and Double Chocolate Mocha Cookies. 

-fruit salad
-green bean and basil salad with Romano cheese (a big hit! made by my sister, adapted from an recipe [we omitted the shallots])
-chicken salad tea sandwiches (I used grapes and celery in the chicken salad)
-cucumber dill tea sandwiches
-red velevet cupcakes with buttercream frosting
-chocolate mocha cookies (these were amazing)
-molasses crinkle cookies
-lemon bars
-shortbread wedges
-assorted British tea cookies (purchased)
-dark chocolate Hershey Kisses

Line of teas (and coffee).

-sparkling mint lemonade (just club soda, frozen lemonade mix, and muddled mint from the garden)
-Moscato punch (Barefoot Moscato, frozen Bacardi Strawberry Daiquiri Mix [non-alcoholic], and frozen pink lemonade mix)
-green tea
-Earl Grey tea
-Peach Ceylon tea

The gift opening area I set up right beside the dining area.

Gift table

The beautiful bride opening her cards and gifts.

Party Plan:
-punch and beverages
-light lunch fare
-desserts and tea
-one game (bridal mad libs) with prizes (the bride isn't much one for games and there was no way I was putting her in a toilet paper dress)
-gift opening

Little Extras:
-I wrapped nail polishes in a little piece of tissue paper and drew an "A" on them for favors (the bride's name starts with A). I put them beside each place setting.
-I also put an envelope beside each place setting so each guest could write down their current home address for thank you notes. I gave the envelopes and thank you cards to the bride after the party.
-Under each place setting, I put a little slip for a mad lib submission so that we could transition into the game could run smoothly.
-I handed out little gifts from The Body Shop for the three people who submitted the funniest mad lib words (my mom took the cake with this one).

Wish I Knew:
-Tea sandwiches or any sandwiches with thin bread aren't a great idea when you are trying to prep beforehand. The bread got a little dried out.
-Take more pictures.
-Don't get so stressed out. It isn't going to be perfect, but that's okay. It's a party-have fun!

All in all, a success!

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