Friday, August 10, 2012


Almost all moved in to my new apartment! Talk about a long, difficult process. Despite the sore back from hauling boxes and furniture and the general mess that I still need to organize, it is so exciting to be finally, officially moved in.

This weekend will be spent organizing and setting everything up. The new space is such a great opportunity to a fresh start. Decorating my apartment gives me an opportunity to try out new, more grown-up styles. Goodbye college wall tapestries! Hello to a more edited, deliberate look.

I have several DIY projects I will be tackling next week, including painting a thrift store coffee table and an Ikea side table. Additionally, I will be (hopefully, if I have time) making some wall art. I love finding quotes in cool typography on Pinterest and I plan on doing my own versions to hang on my walls. I am currently scouring thrift stores for good frames (there is some terrifying wall art out there I am finding). Here is one that I am definitely going to use for inspiration:

Something of this nature (I will not be copying, but making it my own) would look really cute in a small frame on my bedside table. I am very excited for these fun, easy projects and will definitely be sharing them with you.

I know I promised apartment photos (I am sure you have all, and by all I mean the one person who reads this blog [thanks, mom]) been waiting with bated breath. However, things are still so messy that I cannot bear to publish it on the internet. Until then, I have another recent major change:

Please, disregard my shark eyes.
 I promise that I am not this frightening in real life. 

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