Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kitschy Chic Living Room

The inspiration for my living room came from Wes Anderson films (I love those overhead shots), Swedish/Danish design (a la Ikea), and vintage-centric blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Oh So Lovely Vintage. The ceilings for this room are low so I wanted to make things feel cozy. The walls are white, as is my Poang chair from Ikea.

This chair is a hand-me-down from an aunt's friend's fiance's roommate.
My sister painted the ugly black wood white and we bought a new cushion. 
Beside my trusty Poang chair is an old side table that belonged to my grandmother. I also have some little plates I found at thrift stores, an impulse buy rabbit (I have a weakness for rabbits-I even had one living in my dorm in college), and some pretty books. The lamp actually has a pink shade, it just looks orange here.

Flattering light
With all the white, I wanted to add more color and I made the bold decision to buy the Lusy Blom rug from Ikea (yes, I have spent a lot of time in Ikea-their meatballs are excellent). I loved the way the rug looks in the space. There is low pile green carpeting throughout the apartment, but this is softer and delineates the space of my living room. In the words of The Dude, it really pulls the room together.

I have been told that this looks like a playroom rug. I disagree!
My Karlstad sofa from Ikea was originally white, and stayed pristine until used by my sister. She had horrible, messy roommates. Thus, a cover was required. She chose a dark nubby fabric (I think it was going out of stock so she got a deal). My sister claims the couch cover is black. I really think it is dark blue. Regardless, it looks fresh with some new throw pillows.

The blanket on the ottoman in the bottom left corner I found at a thrift store.
It is really soft and has so many colors. I love that someone took the time to crochet this. 
My TV and DVD player are on an old school desk that has been around my house since I was a child. I love this here!

Check out ma pedi!
This is a little ottoman I found for $4 at a thrift store. I put a tray on it and it currently serves as a movable, makeshift coffee table. I have one I plan on rehabbing at home, although I am totally in love with this new one from Ikea.

The tray is from HomeGoods and the DVD box is from the Target Missoni line.
The box is a temporary hiding place for my wireless router. I put in an old record and music book for a bit of visual interest. I eventually plan on framing around 5 records for wall art. I have been looking for inexpensive record frames, but the best I have found are $10 ones at Target.

I need a prettier box here.
I need to figure out how to hide all these unsightly cords from my TV, DVD player, router, and lamp. Any ideas?

The bookshelf was given to me by my aunt. I can never have too many bookcases. I currently have little piles of books scattered around the apartment and two under-the-bed boxes full of them. Oh, English majors who grew up without cable!

Books! Books! Books!
I like to keep my bookshelves visually interesting by having both horizontal and vertical piles, organizing sometimes by size or color, and including extras like blue mason jars.

I like to keep my reading list eclectic. 

I love, love Jane Austen (with the exception of Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey). 
The display on top of the bookshelf is a work in progress. I will be fiddling with it over the next few weeks. The large piece is a collage I made from instagram pictures. The piece in the back left is from a very close friend. She bought it for my down in New Orleans. I also have some family photos, cute little Ikea tins, and a tiny clock.

The thermostat really pulls the whole look together, dontcha think?
I'm excited about how things came together. It is a really nice little living room with cheerful colors and lovely things. I can't wait to continue to add and rearrange over time.

**Post Note: There seem to be a lot of feet in this post. This was not an intentional lure to certain types of followers of the Quentin Tarantino variety.


  1. That poang chair - my dad has one and he loves it! Seriously so comfy, and kind of space-agey modern!

    1. It is a nice resting place for today's alien. But really, I do love this chair. It used to be in a dorm room during the 80s but I [my sister] refabed it.

  2. Loved seeing Superfudge and The Secret Garden on your shelf. It makes me feel really old to know you've become a grown up!

    1. I don't think I can be considered a grown up if I still think the Judy Blume is the bomb. :)

  3. LOVE the Lusy Blom rug! I agree with you...it defines the living room space better, while adding some fun color!

    1. In the past, I have usually been attracted to pale pastels, but I wanted this new space to have a little more omph.

    2. I liked the bold golden yellows that I remember from your place. You did not shy from color either!

  4. I totally agree that the thermostat certainly pulls the whole look together!

    1. I like to keep it real up in this joint.